SkillCourt (Soccer Training System) v.10.0


Joshua McLendon

Product Owner(s):

Guðmundur Traustason


Masoud Sadjadi


Skillcourt is an application that allows soccer fanatics around the world to develop their skills and become as good as the soccer players they idolize whenever and wherever. SkillCourt is the application trainers would love to have access to. It allows the user to personalize soccer games and simulate them as how playing out in the field would be like. The application has a user- friendly design that allows users to easily get setup with a game of their liking, there are a few game mode which they are allowed to choose from and at the end of each game, a summary of the total points accumulated over the game is given, giving the user an insight of how their skills out in the field are.

Team Members

Carlos Alva

Sandra Hurtado

Sergio Rosales