METIS – Modeling Emotions for Training in Immersive Simulations – Teacher Edition


Sumesh Kumar

Product Owner(s):

Dr. Christine Lisetti and Alban Delamarre


This document presents the information necessary to gain a good understanding of the Modeling Emotions for Training in Immersive Simulations developed for ECTs (early career teachers) that struggle to perform well due to the presence of disruptive behaviors in the classroom. The application is currently designed to simulate a classroom environment with behavior problems as a WebGL application. The WebGL module will allow ECTs to safely train and certify behavior management within a realistic classroom setting without the effect of training on real students. The web application will showcase the potential to train ECTs in a low-demanding computational setting.

Team Members

Haczar Criollo

Dewey Mowris

Jackson Wu

Hajar Wahman

Alex Batista

Rahul Mittal

Angelo Molina-Rossi

Mia Gabb

Edward R. Gonzalez