NuMom (Keeping Mothers and Infants Healthy)


Eduardo Morales

Product Owner(s):

Jean Hannan


This application functions as an information hub for low-income mothers with newly born, or soon-to-be newly born, infants regarding the prenatal, postnatal, and continued care of the infant and mother. Additions made this semester include quality of life improvements for current and future developers of the app, as well as new features designed to give users of the app even more resources to make their lives that much easier during the parental process. Such services and information require great effort to access in the uncentralized arena that is the general internet, prompting the team to push for fleshed out and familiar features that anyone can learn to use intuitively for the purpose of providing access to the services and information at hand.

Team Members

David Acosta

David Antunez

Lawrence Chik

Hongru Chu

Leonel Diaz

Jessica Gonzalez

Rolando Hernandez

Yonal Hernandez