Mobile Judge Ver. 6.0


Masoud Sadjadi

Product Owner(s):

Masoud Sadjadi


Masoud Sadjadi


The aim of the Mobile Judge Application (MJA) is to streamline the judging process that occurs at the end of the semester and make the data easily accessible to the course instructor. Over a time period of several hours, several judges weigh in on the student’s project through a process that is currently cumbersome and slow. The MJA aims to improve that process and make it easier to judge projects. The five previous versions of the application have brought it to a relatively usable standard where judges and students alike can use the system. However, there are ample areas of improvement and new features that have been requested that would be very useful, which will be our undertaking. The sixth version of the MJA will be adding and improving requested functionality and existing functionality (such as easily adding / removing terms, users and questions, a more robust email template management system, and an improved version of the database system), as well as fixing bugs that were identified during the run of the previous version. The system will make use of a new framework, React JS, which will improve performance and loading speeds.

Team Members

Alan Cardero

Dennys Orozco

Marlon Cardero