Next Generation Networking for Virtual Reality and Game Player Collaborative and Multi-Player


Dr. Francisco Ortega

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Dr. Francisco Ortega


Dr. Masoud Sadjadi


In today’s era, Online Multiplayer Gaming has been at the peak of its popularity for gaming consoles across the globe; games such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, Elder Scrolls Online, are only just a few of the major titles, all of which involve heavy user interaction and accessible content. As gamers ourselves, we want to attempt to identify the most common problems that the gaming community mostly experiences when playing online. By checking forums and video compilations, we obviously see a trend of the amount of lag each player experiences; it’s even funny at times because of the lag they experience, they’ll turn it into a funny video. Our research brings the attention of implementing Software-Defined Networking (SDN) as a method to increase the network interaction between the gaming console (PC, XBOX, PlayStation, etc.) to the actual gaming server(s). But because there are thousands, if not millions, of users attempting to access the same content, the hardware the servers face sees an influx of workload from players across the region. SDN can provide a solution to distribute the workload from within that centralized environment, increase network bandwidth and possible speed interaction, all with the goal to please the gaming community. Hardware is very delicate, and requires the proper maintenance to sustain online gaming operations for days, weeks, months on end without trying to go down, and that’s the last occurrence we want…for a server to go down at peak hours. We want to provide the fundamental first step of improving the online collaborative environment. We want to discover a fluid gaming experience for our next generation of gamers with no lag, no latency, just high bandwidth, and straight up gaming. SDN can provide the answer to many of these complicit networking problems. This is our introductory video for future research projects of possible implementation of SDN within multiplayer gaming and AR/VR technologies to come!

Team Members

Gabriel Taveras

Bradley Marzouka