Officer Candidate Management System 2.0


Instructor: Dr. Masoud Sadjadi and Francisco R. Ortega. Mentors: Mohsen Taheri

Product Owner(s):

Tiago Moore


Dr. Masoud Sadjadi and Francisco R. Ortega


Officer Candidate Management System 2.0 allows any user to register into the system with credentials like name, email id, phone number, rank, academic year etc. The user can login with their roles like supervisor or student. If the user is Student, he/she can login with their username and password. Then they can mark their attendance on the attendance sheet. This attendance will be recorded with date, time and location (IP address) so that the supervisor may know whether it is fake attendance or not. On the other hand if the user is Supervisor, he/she can login with username and password. He can view the date and time of the student who has marked the attendance. Besides this, both the users can upload their profile picture. In this way, the application will allow feasibility to the students and to the supervisor for better experience during their training. In this version of OCMS 2.0 we have also included an event page where the students can view the events and join them that is created by the supervisor.

Team Members

Ishan Shrivastava

Hansini Seth