Patrol Shift Bid Scheduler


Masoud Sadjadi

Product Owner(s):

Chief Samuel Ceballos Jr.


The Pinecrest Police Department in Miami-Dade County is in need of software that would automate and simplify the process of selecting a time slot and creating schedules. This system would allow a regular officer to select a time slot that they wish to work in. A time slot consists of a time period in 24 hour time and the days of the week it applies to. The system would need to ensure that officers may only select a time slot in the order based on seniority. For a user with higher privileges, i.e. a supervisor, they would be able to create schedules of a certain time period with multiple time slots for officers to choose from.

Team Members

Mauricio Santos-Hoyos

Shanna Sit

Victor Suarez

Nathan Pabon

Yuniet Piloto

German Hinojosa

Ali Mohammad

Luis Gonzalez

Alejandro Barnola