Robotics Academy Website


Alexander Monaco, Lisbeth Santana

Product Owner(s):

Lisbeth Santana


This document presents the information necessary to gain a good understanding of the third iteration of the Robotics Academy Website. In the development of the previous iteration, the team completed features that complimented the program’s VR education application. While much progress was made on the frontend design, the project had minimal functionality implemented. For the third iteration, our goal was to focus on functionality for features of the three branches that make up the Robotics Academy Website, as well as improving some of the design components across the platform. Within the six allocated sprints, along with many frontend design changes, the team was able to implement a new fully functional forum, provide search functionality for employment matchmaking, set a base navigation for the website’s course content and quizzes, and build a user dashboard interface which would display user progress across the website’s many features.

Team Members

Bryan Consuegra

Steven Morales

Carlos Nunez

Anne Nguyen