SkillCourt v13.0


Masoud Sadjadi

Product Owner(s):

Guðmundur Traustason


SkillCourt is a mobile application that will guarantee improvement in soccer players athletics skills by enhancing their speed, agilities, reflexes, and coordination. The way that SkillCourt works is by having the application wirelessly connect to physical pads that light up. When these pads light up one at a time, players must quickly hit it with a soccer ball. The application has various game modes. One game mode consists of hitting as many lit up pads as fast as possible in a certain amount of times using a timer functionality. The other game mode is to hit a pre-defined number of lit up pads as quickly as possible. This game mode will have a stopwatch functionality that will record how long a player took to hit those amounts of lit up pads. At the end of each game, players will be able to see the time for each game mode, as well as the amounts of hits and misses for that game. The latest version of SkillCourt saves all of the game setting, from the amount of time used to play to the time taken between the pads lighting up, so as to be able to recreate the same game any number of times in order to determine how the player is improving over time. There is also a representation of the stations where the game is played, stations refer to how the pads are arranged for game play to work on a particular technique or the player’s form. Each game will be linked directly to the player that played it which allows for multiplayer capabilities during game play, allowing for up to 3 players to line up to play any given game. An upload function has also been added in order to be able to view the scores via the web which also aids in the data analysis of a player’s performance overtime, where the player themself or their coach can view their scores at anytime without needing the mobile device to be present.

Team Members

Steven Valle

Thalia Maidique

Carlos Reyes

Drew Blumenthal

Luis Miranda

Daniel Barbosa