SkillCourt v12

Product Owner(s):

Guðmundur Traustason


SkillCourt is a mobile application that is used by soccer players to improve their skills. The way that SkillCourt works is by having the application wirelessly connect to physical pads that light up. When these pads light up one at a time, players must quickly hit it with a soccer ball. The application has various game modes. One game mode consists of hitting as many lit up pads as fast as possible in a certain amount of times using a timer functionality. The other game mode is to hit a pre-defined number of lit up pads as quickly as possible. This game mode will have a stopwatch functionality that will record how long a player took to hit those amounts of lit up pads. At the end of each game, players will be able to see the time for each game mode, as well as the amounts of hits and misses for that game. With this new version of SkillCourt, users can now save all their scores into a database that they can use to access their results and progress at any time. There are also new game features which is playing the game back to back any amount of times. This means that when a game is over, it will automatically repeat the same game mode the user has selected without having to press play again. This feature will allow player to focus more on the game and keep their momentum going. What makes this application excellent to use is that it is easy to set up and anyone can do it. With the new application user interface design, it is easier than ever to get a new game started.

Team Members

Hairon Martin

Yasmani Subirat