Smart Buildings 5.0 (DRAMA)


Ali Mostafavi

Product Owner(s):

Ali Mostafavi


Masoud Sadjadi


Persons, who want to get information about a disaster area or want to help, have very limited tools to do it. Normally the information that they can get is what is being shown in the news. The news TV channels cannot get access to every single area, so what they show is an overview of what is really happening. It is not known immediately what the affected persons really need or how to deliver the resources because in some places the streets are blocked. Moreover, there are civil engineers around the world that can volunteer to assess damages, but they cannot go to the country of the natural disaster to evaluate all the buildings. Our application consist in getting information from affected area with the help of users called (Mappers). We show helpful information to help agencies distribute their resources accurately and faster. Everywhere around the world there will be available volunteers with expertise in civil engineering that will help to evaluate the conditions of the buildings. Our application provides statistics so that agencies such as red cross can supply resources to the most affected area.

Team Members

Roberto Murillo

Yonicel Leyva