TAM 5.0 – Multimodal Interactive Paint


Francisco Ortega

Product Owner(s):

Francisco Ortega


Masoud Sadjadi


TAM 5.0 is a software solution to showcase the multi modal functionality of FIU’s OpenHID labs Smart Desk. The smart desk can be equipped with multiple devices that have different input methods. Currently the devices integrated are the Multi Touch Monitor, Tobii EyeX, Intel Real Sense Device, Leap Motion Controller, and Xbox One Kinect. Our goal was to create a painting application to showcase the various devices and their unique functionalities such as hand tracking, facial recognition, eye tracking, and touch tracking. The application experience was designed to be fun and interactive while allowing the users to become familiar with each device and their unique functions. This paint application will also provide smart desk developers with information regarding the various uses of the devices and how to develop an intuitive user interface for device features.

Team Members

Eric Aguiar

Jorge Nonell

Christopher Naranjo

Alexander Karpis