Ultimate QC 1.0


Rodrigo Morales

Product Owner(s):

Rodrigo Morales


Masoud Sadjadi


The purpose of the new system, Ultimate QC 1.0, is to alleviate some of the human error that can occur during the inspection process. This new system will help QC inspectors to reduce the time spent on the inspection process so that the can complete their reports in a more timely manner. QC inspectors will be able to use Ultimate QC 1.0 to upload a picture of the produce and then quickly analyze the image. First it will identify the produce in the image. Then it will give an accurate count of the number of produce that is in the image. It will identify defects and give a count of the number of defective produce. After which it will give a percentage of what portion of the produce is defective.

Team Members

Marcine Kelly