Virtual Roll Call 1.0


Jason Cohen

Product Owner(s):

Jason Cohen


Masoud Sadjadi


The name of the new proposed system is called Virtual Roll Call. The main idea of this system is to facilitate and improve the current way officers have access to the recorded information about a specific case/task that is assigned to them. It will improve the way information is transferred from one department to the other, and as a result improve and speed up the briefing to the working officers. With this new system, officers will also have access to information from a past date, for instance 14 days before. The information could be contained in regular text, scanned documents (PDF’s), word documents, Powerpoints, etc, and will be managed by the officer’s supervisor; in most cases it happens to be Sargeant. Officers will not be able to register themselves. Only a user type administrator will be able to register & delete officers as well as updating information such as name, last name, username, password, etc. They will also be able to monitor when an officer is reviewing the daily the information.

Team Members

Peter Reidy

Frank Vincench