Vocabulary in Reading Study VIRS v6.0


Seyedjafar Ehsanzadehsorati

Product Owner(s):

Dr. Eric Dwyer, Seyedjafar Ehsanzadehsorati


This document presents the information necessary to gain a good understanding of Vocabulary in Reading Study (VIRS 6.0). VIRS is a web app which facilitates learning of new languages through analysis of text and gathering of data which is then displayed to the user. This data is important to the user as it categorizes words in the text and gives priority to more popular words. The user then knows which words to use more and makes it easier to use these in conversation. The user can test their knowledge of the Essential Word List, a user can delete their account, update their account information, get a better reading from images uploaded, reset their password via email or username. The user can upload images of text which can be interpreted with high accuracy and administrators can make detailed edits to the data bank of words.

Team Members

Adam Eide

Borys Anichin

Christian Lane

Daniel Ochoa