Sprint Optimizer: A Capacity Planner Plug-In for JIRA


Masoud Sadjadi

Product Owner(s):

Masoud Sadjadi


This document presents the information necessary to gain a good understanding of the Sprint Optimizer capacity planning plugin for Jira. First, the purpose of the system is outlined; the usefulness of the plugin is demonstrated, and all implemented user stories are listed. Any pending or incomplete user stories are also listed for the sake of easing future development teams’ work. A complete plan of development is then listed to show how development work has proceeded thus far, and to give future teams an idea of how development should continue on this project. To that end, a detailed breakdown of the system’s design is also included afterward. Lastly, the current steps taken to validate the system’s expected behavior are enumerated in the System Validation section. Any additional information that could be useful to future development, such as UML diagrams and feature backlogs, are included in the appendix to this document.

Team Members

Gabriel Borges

Andres Ortiz

Saif Khan